!TAN Comment Bot & Project Phase #2 - TANGENT Update

Hello All,
"What happened to TANGENT BOT?", "Why !TAN is not working?" - Those questions didn't resolve since our last update. So it's time to answer those questions regarding about TANGENT Project.

Why TANGENT Bot Calls Are Not Working?

To keep the sustainability of the TANGENT, we decided to remove its feature of Comment Based Reward Distribution & shifted the project from Comment Rewards to Stake Based Dividend share.

Burnt 9.99 Million TANGENT & 10K Max Supply

Since the beginning of the TANGENT project, we ensured a low rate of the token print & we bound a powerful token burning mechanism with the project. At the initial stage of the project, we added 10 Million Tokens as the Max token amount. But when we shift the project from comment-based rewards to dividend share tokens we won't keep such a high token supply & it can reduce the demand for existing tokens as well. Therefore, we decided to reduce the Max Supply of the token by burning 9.99 Million TANGENT.

TANGENT Stake Based Dividend Share

Now you can earn multiple tokens by staking TANGENT Tokens as follows: Important:- Our daily token earnings distribute between TANGENT Stakers

TANGENT (TAN) Minting Process

As we mentioned before, TANGENT (TAN) got 10,000 Maximum Token Supply now. 5,900 Tokens have already been minted since the project launched. Therefore, we mint 500 Tokens per cycle & push them into the market as 100 TANGENT (TAN) tokens. Token selling price will be 2 HIVE per 1 TANGENT.


We are not planning to burn TANGENT tokens anymore. We buy your token (lowest) 1 HIVE per 1 TANGENT & will resell those tokens at 2 HIVE per 1 TANGENT. Therefore, you will be at a loss if you sell TANGENT due to this mechanism. But this will keep earning you FREE (multiple) Tokens & Due to (one of) the lowest market supply, the token will keep its demand as well. (Not financial advice).


CORE is coming...

WINE Token

We successfully launched WINE INTIAL TOKEN OFFERING (ITO) and this might be 1st most successful ICO Platform top of HIVE / HIVE-ENGINE. Currently the process is at ICO Phase #1 - Cycle 2. Therefore, grab your tokens before it reach next cycle.
Moreover, we terminated WINE free give-away promotion. Now you want to keep atleast 25 WINE in Stake wallet to call the @wine.bot.
Join Us at [CORE / VAULT Token Discord Channel]
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