the love💚💪😄🤗

I never thought I would really love people I've never met. @drutter & @jonyoudyer @ and the rest. too much to mention but also you. a kind of bromance. Or a real canna family. But it really does feel that way. And all over the world. where I arrive at the following. One day I would think it's genius, to come and smoke a joint everywhere. @captainquack22 kind of came up with the idea. smoke a joint in every country. sounds like music to your ears. challenge accepted. I have so far the Netherlands Belgium Germany Austria and Israel in a kibuts. Yes, that would be nice to add to that list.

But yes the whole world has gone crazy with the covid, And traveling has not been made very easy. But when it becomes work, more is already possible. LOL . But I'm just dreaming, and I'm pretty much on medication hihi. But besides taking care of my mother, I have set some goals in my life. growing cannabis was one of them. put vague stories on hive, the 2nd.
I smoke 1 more and then I will stop with my beautiful story. It's half past three. And I'll be awake again around 8 tomorrow and I'm done for the rest of the day and not with these beautiful pink colored glasses where I see myself now. Too bad you can't wake up high and be fit.

image (2).png

Yes, I also need to exercise more, play sports or work. I've gotten a little lazy over lockdowns. and even if they are over. I'm still at home all day. So maybe a sporty post tomorrow.
I am also proud of my laziness. because yes you can or you can't afford it. But too much of anything never makes you happy.


anyone who leaves comments or upvotes and I am aware that I am not allowed to complain. thank you from the high cloud I am sitting on right now. The rest fuck you, no kidding come join the fun.

just a picture of my mate's plants. where are my seeds. i believe bberry and cristal candy

and this is just a nice picture of myself that i drop again
Yess bed time

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