The Advancement of the Belt and Road; Why Taiwan Should Be Concerned About China Invasion

The Advancement of the Belt and Road; Why Taiwan Should Be Concerned About China Invasion

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The Great Reset of the World Economic Forum is a transition away from the old world order and a coming forth of a New World Order. This Great Reset is publicly being discussed as a transition to a new world run by Artificial Intelligence and Smart Cities:

What they are not discussing is how the Banksters are resetting the world in other ways as well such as the Global Belt and Road Initiative, that is transforming how the World's Trade will flow. The New Silk Road is being constructed and no cost is too high for this global infrastructure plan. Countries the media tells you are at war in Yemen such as Saudi Arabia and Iran are partners in this World Banker economic reset. Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan, Israel, Turkey Ukraine, Venezuela, most the African Continent, New Zealand, Iraq, and recently Afghanistan; 139 Countries total so far...

The grand scheme is to make Jersualem, and Israel the new World Trade Center of an Eurasian Superstate. As depicted by Bunting's Map:
Article on this Map:

So why should Taiwan be extremely concerned?

With the Fall of Afghanistan to the China Friendly Taliban, it will not be long before China has massive infrastructure projects running and operational in Afghanistan. "Taliban to support BRI Project":

Thus leaving China's military to focus on securing the Sea Route of the "Belt and Road" aka the Belt. To which Taiwan is extremely important and a part of China's "Grand Plan" is to push the USA out of Asia and take over Taiwan completely:

Now with Beijing Biden in office the literal Manchurian Candidate from China, the USA is getting out of the way as China makes moves to take over Taiwan.

China has even recently started to threaten the United States directly. Over their demand that they have 100% control over the South China Sea which is important for the Belt and Road. The Chinese have started threatening to send warships to the territorial waters of the USA if the USA does not stay away from Taiwan or the South China Sea.

With all this tension going on, and with billions of dollars, actually trillions of dollars in trade and technology at stake. The entire world stands on the edge of this great reset that may take place after another and final great war. I see the Dragon Rising and the Eagle perching, and the Rothschild Illuminati Central Bankers "washing their hands" getting ready for the final reset into an Eurasian Technocracy Nightmare built with a Chinese style social credit score, smart cities like Neom and Astana, and freedom completely demolished.

So in conclusion yes, Taiwan should be VERY CONCERNED because not only do the power hungry CCP want to invade Taiwan but the New World Order needs them to. The Belt and Road Initiative is the Great Reset, and the World Order is coming for Taiwan I think next.

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