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Why Not?

How-To Red Pill While Dating On Tagged.com, which is a dating website like Tinder but better. Infowars is like CNN but better. When people go to my Tagged, they see Infowars.com on my avatar, my profile picture. Then they might go to Infowars. No such thing as bad publicity, said McDonald's.

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Kim Possible

I go to play the dating game.

I click yes, “LIKE,” on everybody, so they can see my avatar. Maybe they will see Infowars.com. Maybe. See my Tagged Profile below:

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Join the Infowars Army

Making The World Better - One Oatmeal At A Time

I click “LIKE” on everybody.

Maybe some will see Info Wars.

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YouTube Rewind 2018

Pew Die Pie is Black. Oh, wait, nah, that's just Will Smith.


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