Darth Vader's Brother

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Would that make episode 9 better?

Disney, the new mother of Star Wars, is floating out a new rumor since their prequel film, Rogue One, which showed how the Rebels got the Death Star Plans, made like a billion dollars in the box office, in the movie theaters, world-wide. Rogue One had Darth Vader in it and that's the reason why most people saw that film. A lot of people hated episode 8, The Last Jedi. What can people be excited about for the newest movie? How about bringing back Darth Vader, AKA Anakin Skywalker? Here's my theory or idea. What if Anakin had a twin brother? What if Luke was really looking at Joey Skywalker. My name's Joey and I'll refer to the imaginary twin as Joey, haha. What if Anakin discovered his twin brother, Joey, during the Clone Wars? What if Anakin started not only seeing the future death of his wife, Padme, but also the fall of the Emperor? What if Anakin forced his brother to replace him in order to work in the shadows like the Emperor's master, Plagueis, did? What if Anakin was playing a long game?

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