Karaoke Sunday

I'm the King of Disney's Newsies New York since 1992 at the age of seven in Oregon as the one and only Oatmeal Joey Arnold 2018 March 18th Sunday 4 PM PST LMS JA and the seaweed is always better out here on the ocean floors of Apple Servers and passwords and clouds going to China and much more as China is buying up Disney and Hollywood and News Corps and data mining and cryptocurrency mining in the United States of America in places like Washington State, WA, near Seattle even, near where I am, and here I am sining in this video right here some songs like You Don't Have To Follow The Rainbow to Find Your Pot of Gold, 2X, because you're already there, a song written by my mother so many years ago and I sing in this video and talk about Speakers Corner and SWSX and other things and we can all continue global revolutions by making videos and content and by sharing and caring and by conversations and questions and the education and entertainment and encouragement and equipment we bring to each other all around the world with oatmeal in my bowl and Jesus in our souls and as we get hope over dope for some rope over slopes and joy over circumstances for the L4OJ and the OJAWALL and much more.

Singing And Talking

2018-03-18 Sunday 07:30 PM LMS: Karaoke Sunday
Email: joeyarnoldvn@gmail.com

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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