@HIVEUPME Swap Script - Simple UI Solution

Hello Hives,
We are excited to announce to you the Simple User Interface (UI) that we promised to share for the @hiveupme swap script successfully launched.
Please click this link to check the simple web solution.

The Link :- https://swaphive.github.io/swap/

Question :- Why sub-domain under github.io?
We provide the industry's lowest fee solution for people who wish to swap their HIVE/SWAP.HIVE. Therefore, we should reduce unnecessary fixed costs. On other hand, we need a simple front end & it's not integrated with the backend script. Moreover, we don't keep Hive keys HIVE-KEYCHAIN will use them to authenticate your keys. By using this solution we can reduce unnecessary hosting, domain & SSL costs from this simple web solution.

How This Works?

  • Step 01 :- Check @HIVEUPME Liquidity Details

  • Step 02 :- Check Your Liquidity Balances

  • Step 03 :- Swap Your Liquidity

Important :- Minimum Swap Amount is 1 HIVE / 1 SWAP.HIVE / 1 VAULT & "Swap" button only available if your account has equal or more liquidity to swap.

Refund Policy

  • If @hiveupme has not enough liquidity to swap, the system will automatically refund you.
  • Less than 1 HIVE / 1 SWAP.HIVE / 1 VAULT will not refund automatically. Please contact theguruasia#8947 - Discord to get your refund (if not a wallet spam).

Our Service

You can try our service & enjoy the industry lowest fees. Every transaction will add to a Mongo cloud data server & every transaction will be on Hive/Hive-Engine blockchain. Therefore, we can assure a 100% guarantee of the swap process & its' refund process as well.

If any error, please contact us @CORE-VAULT Discord Channel or send a discord message to theguruasia#8947.

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Contact Us : CORE / VAULT Token Discord Channel

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