Scrub your Metadata with THESE Tools

Did you know that when you share a photo online, you might be revealing the exact location of your home? Or that when you print a document, there are hidden dots on the page that reveal the exact printer the document came from?

Metadata is data about data. It’s attached to EVERY digital artifact, and when you share a digital file, you’re probably revealing a lot more information than intended.

How do you find this metadata and erase it? We’ll teach you in this video.

01:26 - What is Metadata?
02:29 - Why is this important?
04:28 - How to Find Metadata
04:49 - How to Scrub Metadata (Easy)
06:55 - How to Scrub Metadata (Deep Dive)
07:47 - Other Digital Artifacts

Huge THANK YOU to David Huerta and the Freedom of the Press Foundation for their insight!

You can read more about metadata from their training guides:

Written by Will Sandoval and Naomi Brockwell
Edited by Lee Rennie

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