SunThursday 24 - Lennox Head Sunsets.

Hi there, @uwelang hope your feeling better, I just run across your post about your #sunthursday contest and I just could not resist to join in, love a great sunset or sunrise in my opinion, it would be in everyone's chemistry, there would be no life on this planet without our graceful sun and there would be no orangish colors in the sky for us to enjoy and stare at.

The following sunsets I bring to you from a small town called Lennox Head in NSW, Australia a small beautiful gem of a town on the north coast of Australia with only a population of less then 8,000 people an town were everyone knows each other, respects each other and work as a tight community the perfect town for bringing up a family.

Lennox Head Beach.




Lennox Head is only a one hour flight from the Sydney, Australian airport to Ballina airport and only an 20 minute drive to Lennox Head town from Ballina airport. Lennox Head is known as a very beautiful, peaceful town great for a restful holiday, my girlfriend and myself spent a weekend in this town, it felt like we were on an paradise island there are several other beaches that run along the coastline of Lennox Head and they were all amazingly beautiful and clean beaches with the most stunning sunsets to be seen.



The landscapes and national parks are equally as beautiful as with the beaches, an wonderful picturesque coastline to be hiking from headland to headland, you will find many hiking trails leading into the national parks or you can simply follow the walkways along rim of the coastline, joining the people casually walking there dogs. Lennox Head Town is very pet friendly.

Sunset over the Landscapes of Lennox Head.




Love Sunsets and Sunrises they make me feel calm and peaceful.


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