Port Macquarie Town Beach, NSW, Australia.

Port Macquarie, is a beautiful coastal destination town on the north coast of Sydney, it's a very popular town for it's many beaches along the coastline making it a ideal town for surfers, holiday markers and a great town to retirees, been only a 4 hour drive (400km) from the city center of Sydney, you will find many Australia's taking a weekend drive to Port Macquarie just to enjoy the atmosphere of the town, seaside and brilliant sunsets. Other alternatives in getting there you can hop on the Brisbane XPT train that runs daily from Sydney to Port Macquarie, taking 5 hours to reach your destination costing you $60 (AUS) dollars, while enjoying all the breathtaking views along the northern coastline on your journey. They also have the Greyhound buses running daily at a cost of $44 (AUS) dollars per/person.





Many Australia people say that the Port Macquarie region is like our paradise of NSW, having 17 most beautiful beaches to choose from and all within close vicinity of the town. With so many beaches along this short vicinity you are bound to find a beach that will suit you whether it's for a surf or just fun in the sun, you can always find an uncrowded beach were you can throw your towel down and enjoy the sounds of the waves crashing on the shoreline while getting that suntan you always wanted.





Town beach is the main beach in Port Macquarie and it's this beach that has become a surfer’s delight and if your into kite-surfing this is also the ideal beach or you can hang-gild of the Big Brother Mountain in Town Beach. If you want to take your dogs down for a swim and a play around you will find there are eight dog friendly beaches in the area and if your into 4WDs there are some beaches suitable for this recreation also.



If you love walking there is a walking track distance one way is about 9km from Port Macquarie town center to Tacking Point Lighthouse enjoying the most wonderful breathtaking coastal views going pass a few of the beaches including walking through part of the Sea Acres National Park, seeing some wildlife and meeting up with the most stunning sunsets over the Pacific Ocean.




Port Macquarie has a population of almost 88,000 people, it's quite a charming beachfront town with many cafes situated along the beachfront so you can soak up the sun while having breakfast or lunch and when it comes to the evening you can enjoy the best golden hour sunsets while sipping on a glass of red wine.





If even visiting this gorgeous town of Port Macquarie there are quite a selection of places to stay with beach views, from resorts, to beach houses all at reasonable prices but if you prefer camping out or caravan holiday parks, it's all here in this paradise of NSW, Port Macquarie.





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