Sunrise to sunset

Seems like I not only missed a few SunThursdays but also BeachWednesdays both by @uwelang. Not this time!

Beach and sun are near and dear to my heart

I find it kind of funny that I still remember a comment my high school physics teacher made so many years ago:

Sunshine makes us happy. Just look around you and observe people.

Of course, he wanted us to explain why, and I had no clue (hint: I wasn't exactly an A-class student). But my teacher was right, generally speaking people seem a lot happier when the sun is shining. As with everything there are exceptions to the rules but in this case I’m not one of them.

I am happiest when it’s warm, the sun is shining and I hear/see the ocean

Thankfully hubby feels the same way so 99% of the time we spend our vacation at the ocean. Of course it also helps that our favorite hobby is windsurfing. Pre-pandemic we would go to Bonaire in the Caribbean in spring and then in fall to the Outer Banks North Carolina. in both cases always to great windsurfing spots.

Since spring 2019 we haven’t been back to Bonaire for obvious reasons but we have booked our vacation for 2022 in hopes that this time we will be able to go. We did go to OBX late in 2020 and again in 2021 to get in both our wind surfing and catching up on sunrays and a warm ocean breeze after all this time aspect couped up inside. It was great!

Our days spent at the Outer Banks are extremely easy and laid-back. We get up late (hubby) or early (moi) check the latest wind forecast, watch the sunrise, have breakfast, check the wind forecast again and based on it either go for a walk on the beach, go windsurfing, hang out, read, game, create art, cook lunch /dinner and spend a lot of time watching and listening to the surf and stargazing at night. Go to bed early, rinse and repeat.

A perfect laid back vacation!

I stopped taking my DSLR to these vacations a couple of years ago as there are only so many photos you can take of the same subjects over and over again. I can take these kinds of photos with my iPhone just as well and quicker. This year though I regretted not having my DSLR because we had a fantastic full moon rising over the ocean, it was pure magic! I still took a few shots, I just couldn’t resist it. Yet as good as cell phone cameras are today they are still total crap for night time photography.

Anyhow, here are some photos showcasing a typical OBX vacation day.


beach (please see my

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(crappy cell phone photo of) full moon

And yes it was glowing this orange when it first appeared over the horizon

I hope you enjoyed my photos of a vacation day at the ocean.

This is actually my first post completely created on my phone with @ecency, I hope you'll forgive any typos and such 😇.

Happy almost weekend!


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