Here and There, Beauty is Everywhere - Sunrise in Berlin & Sunset in Nice

Welcome dear Sun Lover,

this post is to praise the Sun and her beautiful light and effects, to show my gratitude for having the opportunity to experience such beautiful moments in different places on this planet and last but not least it's an entry for the 23rd #SunThursday Contest by @uwelang.

First i just wanted to post the Rainbow shot only, but while i was editing the photo i thought the Sun herself might need to be in the frame as a valid entry for the contest, so i started looking for a direct Sun shot and found one in a shoot of a working trip to beautiful Nice in France. While looking at the two photos the idea to use both of them and make this post a little journey from a morning in one place to an evening in another was born.

Did it ever cross your mind on your birthday that you just orbited the Sun once again? Anyway, I hope you enjoy both images and leave it to you, dear Sun Lover, to decide which one should be the one for the contest.

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Sunrise Rainbow in Berlin

A wonderful morning with the sun rising and creating a clear sign for the night to leave just before the start of a long working day at a conference near the Brandenburg Gate.

Sunrise at Pariser Platz

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Sunset over Nice

A beautiful and relaxing evening with the sun setting over Nice in France at the Côte d'Azur just after a long working day at a congress in the city.

Sunset over Nice

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