Silhouette Sunset in Danville.

Within my travels i have been to a few parts of this beautiful planet and one thing i love to admire and take notice of most when i am traveling different parts of the world is the beautiful sunrise as you will get a indication on how your day is going to be and and beautiful sunset as also you will get a indication on how your evening is going to be and in saying this there was one town on this awesome planet called Danville it's a small town in California and here you will find the most gorgeous mountain valleys and during my time spent there hiking these mountains and valleys i witnessed many beautiful sunrises and sunsets and here i want to show you one of my favorite sunsets this one sunset was just phenomenal with the colors it was throwing out almost like a aurora well not quite but just as amazing the way it lit up the sky with all it's hue colors and the sun's glow stretching across the mountain tops as the sun was sinking slowly into the horizon darkening the mountains into a silhouette theme it was just astonishing to witness this beautiful scenery been painted by mother nature and these photos were straight of my little Sony pocket camera without any editing which made it more remarkable.



With the intense coral pinks , reds , and peachy oranges it was one sunset that was picked out of a box of crayons and certainly one Danville sunset i will never forget 🌞



#sunthursday by @uwelang





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