Hive Philippines Travel and Nature Photography #250 - by Allmonitors

#250 - Just a couple of island dogs enjoying the sunset. They own the beach front at this moment.

After our walk along the sandy shorelines of the resort we are staying and as I went back to our nipa hut I noticed the dog alone on the shore not far from where we are staying.

I think there is another dog with it but I could not completely confirm that because it was there and it is not. So I concluded that it is just a lone dog.

But then the smaller object in front of the dog moved so that means it is another dog playing on the sands.


Thr bigger one is just there standing and then it sits while watching the smaller dog plays around.

I got to take their shots with the calming orange sunset fills the horizon. The sea breeze is also getting to get colder as the heat of the day slowly fades away as fast as the sunset.

The two cuddled at this point and they do look like just a rock in the shore or a wood washed away.

I also took the photo of the pine tree right infront of me with the blurry background of the dogs and the sun settling down moment by moment.

What s peaceful view to see before we turned the page of this wonderful day. So quite and calm. Just a few moments here on and the fishermen of the island 🏝️ will be in the middle of the sea trying to earn a living by catching fish in to the night. The weather was fair so no harm of storm or typhoon posses a threat that evening. I hope they had s good catch too.☺️

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Shot taken in Quezon, Philippines.

Image/s were shot using Panasonic Lumix ZS110. ~rex