Journey(al) Sunday 17 April 2022

I had a bit of an itch and went to rewatch something again:

Now I am not good at scheduling, tracking or any of those control behaviours since I tend to over engineer or completely discount doing things if it even seems a bit like I do not need to.

Most things I just keep in my head. It gets cluttered but I at least have a path to my bed.

What I like about that video is the journal is quite open ended and again speaks to micro-habits , doing something no matter how small but doing it consistently.

Then I thought oh cool I should build a thingy that for obvious reasons encrypts and submits task, entries, todo etc as custom_json to the chain. You can then have access to that from anywhere given you have your memo key obviously.

I wonder if you change keys whether you can still decrypt old messages. Hmmm.

Regardless not doing that now it is just a thought, because after wasting another hour looking at productivity, habit tracker, task manager style apps.

I decided to just start doing something, although this is public which for one reason or the other has some appeal to it vs a note I will flat out ignore stored on some cloud or my pc.

What todo?

Well that is the todo.

Guide me.

To maybe hone in on something specific I need to prioritize what I want to do , not so much with need to do but just what is beneficial to do.

So if I can do it anytime and it has no value beyond entertainment or indulgence then it is a not to do.

Not to do

Don't spend hours watching random youtube.
Maybe better would be to say don't waste hours.

That leaves some todo

Don't get burned out by only doing what I decided I "must" do.
So when the main todo becomes something I don't want to do then I should do some other todo.

Seems simple enough right.


Focus on finishing at least one part of the whole. Since I have many parts to the problem I need to solve that will avoid overwhelming but also make me want to progress.

Move fast and perfect later.

If "thinking" do something productive, like exercise.

Avoid stagnating and implement whatever comes to mind to move on. See Move Fast.

So this todo is not specific and it does not need to be, I know what I must do, so I must do my todos.

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