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Just Some Random Things That Happened During The First Half of August

The last few posts I’ve written about my travels, but this time I want to take a little break from it and write about some random things. Sometimes I need to let go of my thoughts and not stick strictly to any topic. Sometimes I just want to write without it being specific to a particular topic.

Cloudy days ☁️

I had never looked forward to gloomy days like this before. That doesn’t mean I don’t like sunny and warm days when all the people can’t wait to get out of their houses. But, after the extreme heat (which there are more this summer than ever since I existed), a day like this comes as BINGO!


View from my balcony on the third floor of the cloudy sky

The next day the weather was much nicer and I decided to see a friend I hadn't seen in a long time. We have been arranging to see each other for a long time, but it never happened that we were both in Novi Sad. We finally went for a walk and when we felt that the rain was starting to fall (just a few drops of rain), we decided to sit in the center in one of the gardens of many cafes and restaurants. It was the right decision, considering that only after 15 minutes a heavy downpour started (which I noticed on my phone). For the moment, half of the people who were in the center went to their homes. We got a little wet, even though we were sitting under a big parasol.

The downpour didn't last long and after only half an hour the center was again crowded by people. I have to say that I really enjoyed the vibe that ruled the city that night, even though I'm a person who doesn't like places with a lot of people. I noticed a lot of foreigners, especially Asians, in the city, which I especially liked. As a student of tourism, I'm especially glad to see how many foreigners come to Novi Sad. I have never been in the city at the time of the Exit Festival, but if it is like this now, how is it only during those days.

Sometimes I have so much desire to talk to some of the foreigners and meet people from all over the world but I feel a kind of ‘fear’. This is probably because I've never had the opportunity to have face-to-face conversations in English with someone and I feel insecure about it. That evening, my friend and I were stopped by 2 guys who spoke to us in English to ask how to get to a pub in the center. All I said was 'here?'. Hahahaha, I hope to be better next time. The guys were very friendly and smiling all the time, but I couldn't figure out where they were from. But it doesn't matter. That evening was so beautiful without any specific reason.


These photos were taken by my mother in the village near the town where I live. Mom had a close encounter with this young stork. She lives across the street from the elementary school where she took these photos. She was worried that the stork was injured and could not freeze, and just when she thought of calling the vet, a man on a bicycle came across and frightened the stork, which flew uncertainly into the nest on the chimney of the elementary school. I guess that's why storks always associate me on the elementary school period. They always had nests on the chimney on them.

A new book after a long period

I have always loved reading books and I think I inherited that from my father. Mom never had the nerve for those things. It's been a long time since I bought myself a book. I would usually go to a bookstore if I had no idea what to buy for my friends for their birthday. I think that a book is always a good gift, especially if the celebrant likes to read.

I would know to spend half an hour in the bookstore "Vulkan" looking for a good book. This bookstore is a real paradise. They have books for fans of all genres, various interests, children's books, board games and wonderful things like mugs, notebooks, frames and more that can also be great gifts.

I prefer books that fall into the genre of good psychological thriller, drama and mystery. I used to read some love novels more and I used to read books by Guillaume Musso and Nora Roberts. On one occasion, I bought the book "The Whisperer" (in Serbian "Šaptač") by Donato Carissi as a birthday gift for my best friend. Even then, I realized that I wanted to read his books. I found the first book in PDF format on the Internet in Serbian and I am currently reading it. As someone who doesn't like to read books on the phone and laptop screen, I plan to look for his next book in our local library.

About 10 days ago, I entered the bookstore "Vulkan" in Niš with my best friend. We entered totally unplanned, which would be said ‘to see what they have to offer’. There was a special section with books at a discount of up to 50-60%. There were books of all genres, domestic and foreign writers. The title of this book, which reads "Enthusiasm Makes The Difference" by Norman Vincent Peale, immediately caught my attention by its title. Reading this book, I realized that enthusiasm is exactly what I lack in life. I've always wondered why I often fall into such situations when I feel bad. I believe that it is also, an occasional, lack of motivation, but that enthusiasm is exactly the core that I need to create in myself.

Internship in a Travel Agency

In the period from July 26 to August 20, my student internship lasts at the travel agency Astra Tours 021 in Novi Sad. Unfortunately, due to the bad period, I didn't work all 20 days as much as I should. For that reason, I will have to look for a new travel agency to do my internship during September.

Relaxing time watching the series

I've been looking for a good series for a long time without a lot of episodes. A series that has a lot of seasons and episodes would mostly bore me at some point or I would have to stop watching it due to commitments. In the worst case, I might spend the whole day next to a laptop, watching a season every day. For that reason, I prefer mini series with 1 season.

I will show you 3 series that I watched in the previous month. I won't talk much about them so I don't tell you what's going on. If I were to start talking like I know, there would be no need to watch the series hahaha.

1. The Undoing


This series caught my attention back when it came out the previous year. A mysterious-psychological-thriller, 6-episode mini-series where Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant starring as a married couple. Whenever they would ask me 'Who is your favorite actor?' I would say ‘It’s Jackie Chan or Johnny Depp’. I’ve never had a favorite actress, but now I think it’s just Nicole. I really like how this woman in every role looks so identified with the role she is playing, as if she isn't acting.

I’m really thrilled with the series.
My rating - 9.5

2. The Act


I really like to follow series and movies made after true events (if you know some good ones, recommend them to me in the comments, I will be happy to watch them).

Another series that caught my attention when it was realized 2 years ago. Then I followed the real Gipsy Rose interviews with Dr Phil on YouTube and it really intrigued me. I knew I would watch this series someday. The actors performed great roles and I think that the series superbly portrayed everything that happened. A sad story about how a mother tortures and destroys her daughter's life.

I would definitely recommend this series to anyone. It’s at the very top of all the series I’ve watched so far.

My rating - 10!

3. The Mess You Leave Behind


I'm a really big fan of thrillers, both when it comes to books and series.
This series was a recommendation of my friend @nikolina and thank her for that ❤️ The series occupied my attention so much that I watched it in 2 days.
I love just such series in which everything is tense and uncertain until the very end. From episode to episode you are confused, constantly suspecting the other person, and at the end of the series ‘experience a shock’ (in a positive sense) when the series ends.

At first, it was weird for me to watch the series in Spanish without it falling into the thriller genre. I got used as a child that Spanish series are mostly soap operas that last indefinitely.

Although it doesn't have such a bad rating on the Internet, I think that this series deserves a much higher rating.
And, my ranking - 9.7

I hope you like posts like this, where I simply write about all the things I want to write about, jumping from topic to topic. I would like you to watch one of the series and let me know how you like it 😀

I send warm hugs to all Hive people until the next post


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