What My Curiosity Has Turned Into...

I'm going to be having busy days as my farmhouse construction starts this Friday. Yesterday, I got preoccupied buying materials and going to different stores to know prices. Today, we will still be going out purchasing stuff but I am having this early morning break to myself and I'm checking my little plants.

I thought I'd update you about something I posted some months ago, when a friend convinced me to try planting some succulents. To me, before, succulents were just tiny cactuses and I was not really interested in them but then a friend bugged me to just try planting them because they are low maintenance and can be made into a business because it's a trend and everyone seems to love them. The fact that they are low maintenance, you can just put it on a shelf and forget about it. Their addition to your space gives a breathe of life and it's just cute.

I tried a few of them, about 3 varieties and placed them in our shed and when I talked about it with friends, they give me some more to add to what now has become like a collection of succulents. I was just curious at first but now I am consciously buying pots and I am trying to propagate some because it's actually easy to do. It's just like cutting a piece of it and put it on a new pot and there it goes, a new plant!

I am not counting but I have a number of them now and I think they would be perfect for gifts to my friends. I am glad I got into this. I don't have to worry what to buy my friends on special occasions. They are going to get succulents. Men or women, they will get these little cute things from me.

I love making these as center pieces on tables and putting them on the shelves. Once a week, I would spray a small amount of water and they are already good. I try to put some crushed dried egg shells on the soil to give it more minerals. Someone also told me to add a little bit of sugar or salt on the water I spray them.

Here's an update of what of them look like now:







All images are mine.