A Sublime Beautiful Sunday Visit At Moms.....

I went to Mom's for a visit today. She is a spry 87 ! I go there most Sunday afternoons. The sky was overcast, but the temps were pleasantly mild, so it was quite a nice day outside.

We pooled our resources for a nice lunch. She had some spaghetti sauce already made and frozen and some crusty french rolls. I brought the angel hair pasta, cabbage for shredded slaw and some grated parmesan cheese. We warmed the sauce, cooked the noodles, shredded the cabbage and toasted the bread. Since the sauce was previously made, it was quite easy to put our lunch together in a short time.

I had stopped on the way out to pick up some biscuits for her at a local biscuit shop and while there, on a whim, bought us each a nice Pumpkin Spice Muffin. By the time we finished our lunch though, we were so full that neither of us took a single bite of them. No worries of course about that, I brought mine home and it might be tomorrow morning's breakfast with come coffee. I am thinking that will be a good way to start off a Monday morning (Mondays.. .yuck !) ha ha.... but this muffin should make it seem a little better I'm thinking.

A bit later, my step-brother came by to pick up some things that Mom had gathered, that previously belonged to his dad. He had been on a fishing trip to the beach this past week and had stopped at a place or two on the way back to pick up a few traditional vacation goodies. He brought Mom some Apple Fritters from one bakery shop and some peanut brittle from another shop. Somehow, we didn't seem to be too full to have some of that brittle.... it was really good.

Before he could leave, my younger sister and her grown son stopped by to take Mom's big trash bin to the road. My nephew tries to do that every Sunday night, so I got to see my Sis and get a big hug. I love hugs.. .don't you? They were on the way to a farm to feed a friend's chickens and horses while they were away, so didn't stay very long.

The flowers at Mom's are blooming still and some even better than the last month, because the worst of the heat is finally vanishing. They should really be showy till the first frosts appear.

You have to love this yellow butterfly photo.... you just HAVE too ! :)


I looked down and saw this Hibiscus. Since it is a sunrise orange and yellow, from a standing position, at first I did not notice the butterfly. Once I did, it just sat there nicely and let me take some photos of it. I was surprised it did not fly away as I got closer and closer with my phone camera.


The Purple Clematis on the sundial has decided to bloom again in celebration of happier weather.

climatis closer.jpg

Mums the word ! The Mums are beginning to open. Soon there will be mounds and mounds of blooms.

mums the word.jpg

It won't be long !

mums up top.jpg

Even the pink Hydrangeas are chiming in with a few last happy clusters.


...and the climbing Black Eyed Susans are coming out to play.

peach climber 2.jpg

It really was a Beautiful and Sublime Sunday.

Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend. Mine has been great, but like always, over WAY too fast !

Hope your coming week is full of happy things.

Love you !


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