#STWT Show 170... Fauci Dossier, Masks and Worms? Corona Clown World Order, Epstein Ring Big News...

#STWT Show 170... Fauci Dossier, Masks and Worms? Corona Clown World Order, Epstein Ring Big News...


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Welcome to #STWT Show Number 170, this week the pirate crew and I are deep diving into a myriad of topics as always. First we discussed the coming wave of crypto currency adoption, and I showed people a guide to becoming new users on hive.blog, because joining HIVE is a great way to learn about crypto currency and earn some crypto by using the HIVE platform. Then we dove into the left versus right clown world, with a funny Biden Easter meme, and news about Hunter smoking Parmesan cheese and banging a stripper he can't recall while also getting her pregnant. Trump talking smack from his office of the Trump. Then we analyzed the claims of the leftists on twitter in regards to the "popularity of Biden's policies" lulz. Lastly for the first part we reminded people about the Julian Assange case, #FreeAssange!

Next up we discussed Qanon, Cicada 3301 new movie out, and the fail that was declassification. The identity as I said for over a year of #Qanon is the Trump admin, mainly Michael Flynn and Ron Watkins. Some claim Austin Steinbart, but to me he is Baby Q (Frank Bacon disagrees). Then we moved on to discuss a new DPO by coinbase, which you can make money on. I talked about BTT coin's recent explosion, and how BTT could one day hit $1 in value per coin. Then DC Police failed again, and are not keeping their streets safe.

The next section was on the corona chan, mainly we discussed the vaccine passports being tyrannical, the vaccine itself being a massive health risk. We discussed the masks and these wierd worm looking things on them. However the longest part of this section was on a Dr. Fauci Dossier put together that cited the various criminal citations Fauci and Gates and Event 201 have broken and the evidence against them.

The last section of the show was on the child trafficking nightmare in our world. First the Epstein ring cover up, Alan Dershowitz was ordered to produce documents, Ghislaine Maxwell was ordered to appear in person in the SDNY court room, and the government revealed they have 3 million pages of evidence against Ghislaine Maxwell. Also the Southern Border continues to be an epic tragedy that is being allowed and enticed to happen, more children are trafficked this way in the USA than any other. We need to secure the border.

Show Notes: @titusfrost/stwt-show-170-show-notes-fauci-dossier-corona-clown-world-order-epstein-ring-big-news

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