My Top 3 Stupidest Videos I've Ever Made


Now that we're inching towards the new year, you and I are about to be inundated with all kinds of Top 10 of the Year type posts on Steemit, as well as everywhere else in social media and the web in general.

I tend to avoid these type of posts like the plague because I stopped doing New Year's resolutions many years ago. I am much more into themes. I'll be writing a longer post about this soon, to compete with all the new year posts that are about to blast off.

I started experimenting with YouTube videos 8 years ago, and I have created some colosally dumb ones. None of them were over--the-top colossal fails though, which would have made them go viral. My video fails are of a more mediocre, and less noticeable type, but I still want to share them. They are funny to me because when I made them, I wasn't trying to find a mass audience. Instead, I made them with this one thought:

Would anyone get so bored that they would watch my stupid video?

First up in this category is the video titled, How To Make A Cabinet Door Squeak:

You'll be interested to know that 999 people were so bored that they actually DID watch it.
Interesting also to note that it only has 1 thumbs down and 8 thumbs up. I found that to be very odd since I only made the video with the one question in mind: would anyone actually watch my stupid video?

Second up is the video that shows me talking to a Canadian highway. It's titled, Stellabelle Talks To A Canadian Intersection

This one I made simply as I was testing out a new video recording app called Call Recorder and the app by default had its users test out a connection to a robot-controlled camera that captured an intersection in Canada:

Not surprisingly, this video only has 72 views.

The third one in this stupid series is one that captures me writing very badly with both hands on a chalkboard. It's titled, How To Write With Both Hands Simultaneously

Even though this video has 44,264 views, it has 121 thumbs down and 52 thumbs up.
That's why I've decided to include it in my top 3 stupidest videos list. Also, the other reason I decided to include it is because for some reason, this video brought out the cruelest trolls and if you scan the comments, you can find that they've hurled every possible insult at me. The most common insult they threw at me was calling me "fat". This video was the first one that taught me thick skin on the internet. Here's a hand-picked selection of the worst YouTube comments which, I might add, don't really bother me as I detached long ago from feeling pain from dumb strangers on the internet. Plus some of them are true. I am overweight and my handwriting is sloppy. But I never expected over 44,000 people would find themselves watching my experimental video.

Here's humanity at its best:

Your cursive is worse than mine.. I never thought that was possible

YOU SUCK TYPE Manoj Chand in search box and see his video you will get shocked as its way better than this sucking lady did.

i wanna kick in your ass

u r fat

Great, now you have crappy handwriting in twice as many directions as before. Well done.

it's easier because you're mirroring the movements of both hands, ie. achieving nothing. To have any chance of using this usefully first you have to train to be able to write with both hands fluently (~3 years) then train to be able to write with both hands at the same time (at least ~ 3 years)

ok that was crazy stupid....

You need to lose weight.

@stellabelle I'm terribly sorry for what just happened. I left my computer unoccupied and my 14 year old brother just took advantage of that. Please accept my apology, the things that are written above was not written by me.

So that last comment in which he/she apologized for the crude attack-style comments was quite refreshing. Ahh, the internet. I love it.


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