Hive Philippines Street Photography #293 - by Allmonitors

#293 - Hello again to you my fellow Hiveans. What a great day seeing our Hive increase its price in the past seven days and hopefully it will continue the trend. Today's photos are street shots in colors taken when we were still able to go out and visit the city of pines up north of the country.

This first shot shows a grandma having some challenges walking the steep road of this highly elevated city. She used her umbrella as a means to stick and assist her on her way up the road while a bulky man also passes by wearing all blue jeans and polo.


A man rushing out to walk to the other side of the inclined road. There are also three women up the road crossing the opposite side while a jeepney is about to turn to the women's direction.

Two young lads walking up the famous Session road. One has a bag in front to his chest even though it is not raining. I also do this kind of bag carrying when there is rain and ai am under my umbrella ☔.😊

Lastly is a woman standing in front of a fast food store called Jollibee. She is there on the road waiting for a jeepney or a cab ride. The weather was cold that early morning that is why she is dressed with a

Follow me on my street travels.
Shot taken in Baguio City, Philippines.

Image/s were shot using Panasonic Lumix ZS110. ~rex

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