Hive Philippines Street Photography #248 - by Allmonitors

#248 - A man sitting on a hammock is just chilling. Looks like he just had his lunch.😆

He spotted the hammock and peacefully sits there maybe before taking siesta time. There is also a bmx bike just park in his right shoulder. The bike is chained to the supporting cable of the post nearby.


A parking attendant raises his shirt because the temperature is hot and humid as well causing sticky perspiration or sweat.

These parking 🅿️ boys only rely to cars who are looking for a parking space. They do not make much but is enough to bring food to the table. That also include the pedicab driver just beside them. And not to mention the fourth person in the frame trying to unzip his short to take a leak.😆

An old lady in style walks pass the church. She is wearing long sleeve dress even though it is hot. She also got shades to keep the sun's brightness at bay. I also have difficulty going outside when it is sunny without any shades. Good thing I have a China made Ray-ban that cost me 2HBD.😎

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Shot taken in Manila City, Philippines.

Image/s were shot using Panasonic Lumix ZS110. ~rex