Hive Philippines Street Photography #219 - by Allmonitors

#219 - On early morning at Bontoc.

This small town always experience cold mornings that is why most are still asleep at six to seven in the morning. Unless those who have early things to do like kids going to school or those early for work like these men on motorcycles.
They stopped by a store that opened early to buy some stuff.

The store sells all sort of items by the looks of it. There are some for households, construction necessities, bags and many more.


A man wearing a jacket 🧥 walks on the pedestrian side of the road while most of the stores are still closed and a very few number of people early on tje streets.

Notice the common form of their transportation here, it is the tricycles. Easy to get a ride and cheap as well. But those who are not in a rush prefer to walk which is also a form of exercise you know to awaken the sleepy muscles.

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Shot taken in Bontoc Mountain Province, Philippines.

Image/s were shot using Panasonic Lumix ZS110. ~rex