[28] The story of king Wuen and Hakim Ryan…(Episode-01)


Fisherman start to tell, listen: a powerful king lived in the Far City of the country long ago. But there was no peace in her mind. His whole body was leprosy. How many doctors showed up But nobody could do better.

One day hekim came to the king. Not only in old age, but also in the knowledge that he is old. His name is Ryan. In different languages, there were no scholars like him in different fields at that time. He could read Greek, Persian, Arabic in many languages. He had learned many different fields in different countries. The quality of the trees was well-exported.

Ryan came to the court of the Sultan Hean and greeted Salman. I got the news of your illness. I've heard your disorder, or it's rude. It can not be removed by any medicine or medicine. But I will cure you. That's why I came to this city. You are the sultan of the whole country I'm a little magnetized. Do not know me, you do not know. The medicine given to me is why you eat I will not give

Sultan is curious, how to listen? However, if you can, you can get whatever you want. Not just you, your family members will also get masses. You will be my Aponjon.

King gave a valuable shawl to Ryan You can treat me the way you want, no objection. Only heal my disease.

Ryan assured you, stay calm. I'll cure you.

After a long time, the smile was seen in the face of the sultan, then start late from the beginning of the day.

Ryan agreed to step down.

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To be continued

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