New Belt

I saw this one post on twitter where they mentioned a boy asked to have his hair combed. With all the fighting in Gaza he did not want to die in his sleep with messy hair and I would assume raggedy clothes.

My gran use to always remind us to wear proper clothes, mainly because of public perception. But she liked to say it is because if we die then she does want people finding us with holes in our socks and stuff.

So you had 2 reasons to always dress well when leaving the house. #1: Because you should not look poor and unkept. #2: Because if you die you should not look poor and unkept.

#3: Because gran would whoop your fucking ass if someone thought she did not buy you nice clothes.

#3 Was the main reason we always made sure we wore the best selection.

The problem comes in when that selection is wanting. When eventually all your socks have holes, all your shirts have some blemish of sorts. Apart from church clothes, but you will very quickly find out why they are church clothes and not going to the mall clothes.

Mostly not an issue, unless it was weekend. During the week it was all about the school uniform. Same thing. Dressed to the nines.

Something happened to my belt though, and the pants I had were just a bit loose without. Since the belt is hardly seen because of the slight slack I always added to my shirt combined with my blazer. I solved the issue quite elegantly I thought with a wire hanger and that was my belt for a few months.

Fine for school, but my dumbass made the mistake of using my fancy new belt when going to church. For some reason my sister fucked something up and gran went on a smack and check spree. That basically means you get smacked for each thing not perfect. This would include hair supposedly not washed the day before, shoes not polished perfectly, clothes seeming wrinkled, heck laces not tied properly.

Then it was my turn.

I wonder if the main concern was whether I would die in the house and she then did not have a belt to replace my fine craftmanship but needless to say, there was no going to church and apparently dying with a wire belt is the worst dishonour one can bring on a house.

The benefit is I did not have to ask for one, because the week after I got two new belts and socks. Basically Christmas in July I tell you.

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