A morning incident 🌄 | @coderamjad

While jogging this morning, I saw a man half a kilometer away from me. I guess he was running a little slower than me, I was so happy, I thought he should beat me. About a kilometer later I had to turn at a turn towards my house. I started running fast. In a few minutes, I slowly got closer to him. When I was 100 feet away from him, I was very happy and with enthusiasm and zeal I quickly pushed him back.

I said to myself, "Yeah !! I beat him."
Although he did not know that the race was on.
Suddenly I realized that I had come too far from the corner of my house to chase it back. Then I realized that I had ruined my inner peace, I could not even enjoy the greenery of the path and the soft rays of the sun falling on it. I could not hear the beautiful sounds of birds. My breath was puffing, my limbs were aching, my focus was on my way home, now I was far away from it.
Then I realized that even in our lives we compete arbitrarily, with our co-workers, with neighbors, friends, relatives, we want to tell them that we are much heavier than them, more successful. , Or more importantly, and in the same cycle we cannot enjoy our peace, the beauty of our surroundings, and the joys.
The biggest problem with this useless competition is that it is a never ending cycle.
Everywhere someone will be ahead of you, someone will get a good job from you, someone will have a good wife, a good car, more education than you, a handsome husband than you, obedient children, a good environment, or a good home, etc.
It is a fact that you are very strong in yourself, but you don't realize it until you stop comparing yourself to others.
Some people feel very nervous and insecure because of paying too much attention to others, focus on the blessings that Allah has given, enjoy your height, weight, personality, whatever you have. Accept this fact. Do that Allah has given you a lot .

Competition or competition always robs the enjoyment of life. They make your life miserable.
There is no competition with destiny, everyone has their own destiny, so just focus on your destiny.
Definitely run! But for your inner happiness and peace, not to leave others behind .

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