⛈️ STORM is dumping a monsoon of "free money coins" down from the heavens! 🦗🐸 🥝🚀 🕊 😇 ☁️

Earn over 1000% APR Farming on Stormswap!
For more info about how to use Stromswap.Finance, check out my previous post about it : HERE!

WOW - Get 1077.49% APR for Supplying Liquidity to the fields!

Farming the Stormy weather never was so profitable! 🦗

StormSwap Coin Farming is the safest, & most profitable De-FI farm around!

I just noticed the APR shoot up on the STORM / USDT farm. That is the next one on my radar to deposit to! I'm already raking in the profits, staking in the STORM / WAVAX field, and it's proving to be a diamond hand HODLER in the rough!! ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️

Screenshot 2021-10-09 at 10.04.56 PM.png

I've been picking up little bits of Storm, and staking on the dip! ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️

Screenshot 2021-10-09 at 10.04.56 PM.png

This batch below I bought when STORM bottomed out on the 6th, only 3 days ago, and it has already generated 45.80 STORM for me! If Storm goes back up to 50, this will be a big money generator! I'm going to try to HODL this storm as long as I can.
Screenshot 2021-10-09 at 10.07.06 PM.png

As you can see below, the Fields are top notch design wise!

The setup is just like all the other leading swaps, I especially like the night view, stealth mode!
Screenshot 2021-10-09 at 9.56.31 PM.png
The top notch design of these Fields probably has to do with the fact that their partner network provider Avalanche just secured $250,0000 in a private token sale, as well as a Coinbase listing recently. Source: DailyHodl.com!!!! 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

The next thing I'm waiting for is Coinbase to list STORM!

Storm coin literally has no listings right now, (As seen below), except for it's own exchange, so it's only a matter of time before it gets picked up by one of the top 6 exchanges, chances are it will be listed on Coinbase, so it can sit alongside it's native swap network provider AVAX!
Screenshot 2021-10-09 at 10.38.17 PM.png Source: CoinGecko.com/en/coins/storm-token#markets! ☁️ ☁️ ☁️

STORM's Total Max Supply is Small, Very Small... Too Small

STORM has only 3.7 Million Max Coins to be supplied ever, so as I was predicting above, a Coinbase listing, or any other listing for that matter, would be H U G E & send STORM flying up into the stratosphere, and that's just the kind of token exchanges should be looking to list anyway. I have a gut feeling that something very big is brewing for $SORM & Soon! It has the best of everything going for it right now, including it's attractively low price / supply factor. And also the 1000% APR...omg it doesn’t get much better than this. I don’t understand what STORM's PRICE is doing way down here in the first place, but I'm not complaining. STORM's like low hanging fruit, and it's ripe for the picking before the "storm" of new investors rush in and snatch it all up!!🥝🦕. 🦖💨💨💨💨💨💨 🕊🕊

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