The dirty money of a bandit


The cart did not move. All around the small town there were people, but the cart was the only thing moving, slowly and pained. It could see no other way than to continue moving, but there were no towns around, and it was fully stuck in a huge pile of sand. It gasped. These sand piles, they were very dangerous. The sand in the desert was far more sandy than enough to support a person, let alone the bulk of a pickup truck. That is why the cart was stuck here.

The man, of course, was not dealing with this problem as well as the cart. He could see absolutely nothing. He had just spotted the cart, backing up from a hill as it entered the small desert town. It was as if it had seen a mirage of the long, winding road leading to the sandy parking lot, only to realize it had actually just randomly backed into the sandy parking lot staring at the small town around it.

The man did not know how to get out of this situation. He spun the wheel, and pumped the brakes, but they did absolutely nothing. Around this town were lesser-thans of what would have been better. The man hung his head, and took a deep breath. In short order, he would have to call for help. There was no way out.

The man was meandering down the narrow left road, but rather than heading towards town, he glanced across the sand. Here, the main road split. A short path to the right led to town, while a straight path to the left continued upwards into the dunes far, far away from town. The man had to trek all the way along the steep dunes to get out of the problem he was in. There was no other way, and he was so tired.

There was just one problem, though. He was not entirely certain what his plan was, but he had to get out of town. He was tired, and he did not want to be stuck here in the desert town as long as possible to see what he was in. He continued on, hoping he could find a shade under the nearly-full sun on the dunes, just out of the range of the direct rays. There were a few silent moments, when he stared into his impossibly empty backpack, then turned the cart around and started back to town.

The town, as it turned out, had been smaller than he realized at first glance. There seemed to be only three lonely buildings standing in this small mess of scorched desert, two of which were boarded up, and one that was completely bare of anything, other than sand. The man parked the cart near a watering hole. He hoped to find something of use, without knowing what he hoped it would be. He sat down on the sand and fiddled with the cart. It was locked, so he could not remove anything. He sighed and looked about. The place looked empty, but the only object that he had to survive with for any amount of time was locked in the very trunk of the cart.

His next task was to search the lands. He had already noticed the odd markings in the sand that made a path downhill, probably from ancient cities that were abandoned, or something, he had no idea. The path was slightly uphill, and wound all the way down into town.

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