Throwback Thursday! - Visiting CERN with Stemsocial

Many different social and photo-related Apps have been giving me notifications lately that it's been 2 years since I visited CERN and Geneva.

Looking through those pictures again was a real pleasure (the "memories" functions on these apps are something I really enjoy). In many ways it was the peak of our chain, with many promising projects and Apps showing real ambition, community meetups happening more regularly and at cooler places, and of course the price of our token being 15 times higher.


Me down inside the large hadron collider at CERN during a STEMsocial meetup

It was at a time when a few whale up votes on posts promoting an event could end up covering the costs of organizing it and travelling (oh those were the days!)

Looking back at my summary post after the event, it had a payout of 241.55 (back when author's got 75% of the total payout).

It wasn't just a unique experience to visit CERN, it was also an amazing community trip with long term community members coming from all over the world.

I know Covid is adding some additional restrictions these days, but I hope we can not only have an amazing HiveFest once things turn to normal, but also make trips like these again.