STEMng Digest: Week 29

Welcome to the 29th episode of the STEMng digest series where we bring to you some of the best posts under the #stemng tag in the past week.

For those that do not know yet, STEMng is a sub-community of steemSTEM, a community-driven project which seeks to promote well-written and informative Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics posts by Nigerians on Steemit. The project involves submitting quality STEM-related posts to the steemSTEM management for upvoting and resteeming where applicable.

More information about STEMng activities are found here, while details of what it means to be part of steemSTEM can be found here, as well.

As we usually do, we have sifted through the STEMng tag and even though there were several good posts to choose from, below are the posts that stood out for week 29.

Saturday: Biological Imperfectness Sums Up the Several Theories of Aging

Senescence, otherwise known as aging is an important biological phenomenon whom scientists have been trying to unravel its mechanisms over the years. In this article by @kingabesh, the available theories on the biological process behind aging were discussed. He went further to enunciate why biological imperfectness is the sole reason behind the process.

Sunday: Why The Answer to Cancer Might Just Be Within Our Bodies

Cancer has always been a pain in the ass of humans in general and would be a a victory for mankind the day a cure is found. Millions or even billions of dollars has been spent on research just to get a cure but @wordswithhoney feels the cure might just be within our body system. Do not ask how, just give it a read.

Monday: How mobile phone radiation may have adverse effect on memory performance in adolescents.

Advancement in science and technology has made mobile phones to be as important as oxygen to a lot of us. Even though scientists hve claimed the the technology make use of non-ionizing radiation which is generally not harmful to humans, this article by @starrichie claims otherwise. What are the claims made? have a read.

Tuesday: Isn't The Devil In The Details And Not The Ocean? The Legend Of Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda triangle has continued to be a source of mystery to both laymen and scientists. This is due to several situations of the disappearance of ships, boats and planes in this region. @teekingtv wrote in details about this legendary phenomenon. Enjoy!

Wednesday: Glutathione; The Antioxidative Soldier

In a rather creative, funny and at the same time, educative way, @herbayomi in his usual self explain the antioxidative duties that glutathione carry out within the body system. A good read.

Thursday : Rescue Mission_Fighting Global warming, Generating Electricity Through Thunderstorm And Lightning Bolt

As part of the quest to tackle global warming, alternative forms of electricity generation must be explored. In this article, @ikchris looked at the possibility of generating electricity through thunderstorm and lightning. A good read from a debutant.

Friday: Science of Organic Timing | Understanding The Natural Clock Within Our Existence

Capping the selection for this week is an article on biological clock of organisms and how important the phenomenon is in all living things. @damzxyno with a good one here.

About the selection process

The post for each day was selected based on consensus between the stemng management, in persons of @greenrun and @gentleshaid. This week's selections were made by @greenrun and presented by @gentleshaid.

Do not feel discouraged if we did not feature your post. There are rooms for improvement for everyone. Find time to read this guideline if you wish to improve on your STEM-related writings.

Support for @stemng is welcome in any form, including upvotes, resteems and steem power delegations. Feel free to interact with fellow stemians in our discord server.

All curation rewards earned will be used to fund the @stemng project.

We will like to thank the following authors whose work was curated by the @steemstem under the #stemng tag:
@agbona @damzxyno @emperorhassy @eurogee @florae @gentleshaid @greenrun @henrychidiebere @herbayomi @horpey @ikchris @joelagbo @kingabesh @masterwriter @misterufem @mr-sakariyau @olasamuel @oluwoleolaide @purelyscience @samminator @sciencetech @starrichie @steematlas @sunkanmi02 @teekingtv @thurllanie @wordswithhoney @yeminicon

Till next week!

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