STEMng Digest: Episode 41

Welcome to another episode of STEMng weekly digest. This is the 41sh episode of the series, a weekly post where we bring to you some of the best articles written by STEMng authors in the past week.

As a background information, STEMng is a sub-community of steemSTEM, a community-driven project which seeks to promote well-written and informative Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics posts by Nigerians on Steemit. The project involves submitting quality STEM-related posts to the steemSTEM management for upvoting and resteeming where applicable.

More information about STEMng activities are found here, while details of what it means to be part of steemSTEM can be found here, as well.

As we usually do, we have sifted through the STEMng tag and even though there were several good posts to choose from, below are the posts that stood out since after the HF20 which constitute our 41st episode.

1: Managing High Blood Pressure Without Medications

An article that serves to introduce the user @neurosurgery to the steemit community and at the same time elucidating what it entails to manage high blood pressure without the involvement of drugs.

2: Debunking Shits About Evolution - Episode 3 [The Future Of Technology And Evolution]

The 3rd in a series by @samminator during which he has been debunking some misconception about human evolution. What is the likelihood of human evolving along with technology?

3: Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN): A technology for the masses.

A good one from an IT guru @henrychidieber where he discussed the basics of wireless local area network. Quite an educative read I must warn.

4: The Human Physiology of Pain and Analgesic System

We all must have experienced pain during some periods of our lives. This article by @damzxyno discussed the physiology behind the pains experienced by humans; from the onset to when it subsides.


I never believed this is a word in the medical dictionary until I read this article by @yhubi. He extensively discussed the growling sound that sometimes emanates from the stomach, a phenomenon called borborygmi.

About the selection process

The post for each day was selected based on consensus between the stemng management, in persons of @greenrun and @gentleshaid. This week's selection was made by @greenrun and presented by @gentleshaid.

Do not feel discouraged if we did not feature your post. There are rooms for improvement for everyone. Find time to read this guideline if you wish to improve on your STEM-related writings.

Support for @stemng is welcome in any form, including upvotes, resteems and steem power delegations. Feel free to interact with fellow stemians in our discord server.

We will also use this medium to acknowledge and appreciate the continuous support of all the communities and individuals on steemit, especially @curie and @utopian for STEM-based contents on the steem blockchain.

All curation rewards earned will be used to fund the @stemng project.

Till next week. Steem on!

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