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Come me crew gather around as Slak-tor the dragon master, honored guest on the Silver Wing continues the tale of Captain K and his crew in their fight against the dead in search of their next relic!! Last we left the brave souls they were deep on the second wave attack and the odds were not looking that great!! Lets jump back to this adventure!!!

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Lady Ravenhill.png
(Lady Ravenhill thanks to @kerrislravenhill)

Lady Ravenhill fought against the ghosts. They couldn't harm her, but they did obscure her vision and the deep cold she felt was bothersome.
She never heard the heavy flapping of leathery wings above her during her struggle, nor did she feel the growing wind about her.
Tarakona hovered in the air as Tessaira and Slak Tor looked down at their friend.
"Understand..." Tessa began. "I am casting a lesser spell than before, but in my state I will be weakened as before." She explained.
"I understand. I won't let you fall." Slak Tor assured
She nodded and began work her magic. She felt the dragon master's arms tighten around her as her hands began to glow.

(Tessaira thanks to Slacker Stacker)

Captain K and the others waited in anticipation when they noticed the massive dragon swoop in and hover in position above Lady Ravenhill.
"Lady Tessaria is still weak, but has recovered. She and Slack Tor are trying to rescue her from the ghosts." Corneluis reported to the captain through his link with Tarakona.
K acknowledged the knight's message with a nod just as two more bursts of fiery flames decimated more approaching herds.
Bear, Sir Bentley an Fist Mate D wasted no time in dispatching those that survived the magical fire.
Another blinding white light shown from the back of the dragon's neck and expanded outward. However, the cleansing bubble did not extend near as far as the first.
Captain K shielded his eyes from the silent blast and looked back in time to see Tarakona moving forward in a tight turn to the left. The dark veiled lady stood alone ahead of them with her sword at her side as if nothing had happened.
tarakona fire.gif
(Tarakona thanks to Slacker Stacker)

"Lady Tessaria is out again, but safe with Slak Tor. The ghosts were vaporized. There are more herds approaching in the distance, it will take some time for them to reach us." Cornelius exclaimed. "We have a clear shot to the vault for now!"
(Sir Cornelius of Doggshire)

Captain K looked to the mage, her red hair wet with sweat and her emerald eyes not as bright as they once were. "Are you well?" He asked in concern.

captain k gazing.jpg
(Captain K thanks to @dixiesilverminer)

Key Wee's breaths were fast and labored but she looked up and met his gaze. "I will be fine..." She sighed. "As long as Sir Cornelius is correct in that it will take time for the remaining herds to reach us." She nodded. "I need a little rest myself." She smiled in a strained grin.

(Key Wee)

"D!" K called. "Tend to Key Wee! See that she is safe!" He ordered and turned to Cornelius. "I need you by my side in case Slack Tor and Tarakona have anymore warnings for us."
The knight nodded. "Right here, boss!"
K smiled and then looked to the large warrior. "Bear, keep your eyes open for anything." He said as a request more than an order.
First Mate D moved to Key Wee placing an arm about her waist as she put an arm around his shoulder to steady herself.
"I will carry you if you need be..." He promised.

1st mate D.jpg
(First Mate D)

Key Wee shook her head. "That won't be necessary, but I do thank you for your help." She kindly replied.
Bear hefted his mace and growled his acceptance of the captains request.

the bear.jpg

The party surged forward and slowed as they caught up to Lady Ravenhill. She simply smiled with her eyes and inclined her head. "I must remember to thank Lord Slak Tor, Lady Tessaria and Tarakona for their most timely intervention." She said sweetly. "But, now we go the vault."
Captain K didn't understand how the mysterious woman could have survived what would have been the end of most, but she showed no signs of damage and retained her impeccable wit.
"Lead on MyLady." He returned the bow.

Soon the group found themselves at the center of the valley and what they saw chilled their blood.
The ground had become sharp and dangerous volcanic glass.
The two jutting mountains that formed the Devil's horns were now massive spires reaching up as far as the eye could see and at the base of the spires were the expansive ruins of ancient cites, or what could only be Necropolises.
Here the air was still and every sound reverberated against the closing walls of rock.
The place itself radiated evil, quiet, devoid of movement from the undead or otherwise. It was a forbidden and forgotten spot in the world not meant for men to tread.
In the center of complex stood a small black structure that seemed to grow out of the living rock itself. Its features were distorted as if it had begun to melt but cooled before the island could reclaim its bulk.
A tilted and rippled pitched roof stood on uneven columns topped with a single spire tipped with a red jewel. The large blood red ruby looked more like an eye than a gemstone and peered down at them.
Captain K noticed that the floor of the building was completely level and highly polished, unaffected by the forces that had warped the roof and supports.

Captain K black and white.jpg
(Captain K thanks to @dixiesilverminer)

"Is this the vault?" K asked the masked lady.
Lady Ravenhill nodded. "Yes..." She replied in a soft flat voice. "What we seek is inside."
Captain K felt an urgent tugging at his trouser leg. He looked down to find Sir Bentley pulling at the cloth of his pants. The hare's eyes were wide and fixed a point beyond his vision.
"What is it?" He asked curiously.
But Bentley did not answer, he only stared ahead.
In the center of the vault stood a shiny black throne that also seemed to grow from the floor.
Seated in the massive chair was a large figure in black armor. Nothing could be seen though opening in the ornate helm that would show the eyes, nose and mouth of its occupant. The armor itself was dull in appearance but as ornately detailed as that of a king. One gauntleted hand rested on the pommel of a large dark sword with a golden hilt. Its blade was etched with strange spiked runes.
Nervously, Bentley began thumping his foot against the hard ground. "Captain! I beg you... Give up this quest!"
K looked down in surprise. Sir Bentley was one of the bravest souls he had ever known. "You know we can't do that."
"Captain, I am begging you! We need to leave this place now!" The hare squeaked. "The artifact is safe here. The Vulcan's chose well... Even Crown Collector will fall if he tries to breach this vault!"
K reached down, took Bentley's shoulder and gave him a good shake. "Get a hold of yourself my friend!" He said angrily.
Bentley blinked and looked up with wide frightened eyes.
"What has you so spooked?" K asked gently.
"A figure on a throne... In the center of the vault... A king of sorts..." He explained between breaths.
"Has it moved since we arrived?" K asked calmly.
Bentley swallowed and shook his head. "No, captain."
"Are its eyes glowing like the rest of the ones we have seen?"
The hare shook his head again. "No, captain."
"Then relax and let's take a moment to think this through." K smiled and patted the same shoulder he shook moments ago.
Bentley took a breath and sighed. "Yes, captian..." He nodded, but then met his eyes. "Captain, my instincts are telling me that this is a bad idea..." He warned.

sir bentley 2.jpg
(Sir Bentley)

K nodded. "We will be cautious, but time is running out."
He turned to the mace wielding warrior. "Bear, can you see what Sir Bentley is talking about?"
"I can." Bear answered, his hands tightening on his weapons handle.
"Good, keep an eye on it and be prepared to strike."
Bear nodded.
"Key Wee, can you see it?" K asked.
The mage carefully moved to look past pillars and found the bulky figure in its chair. "I see it." She reported.
"Put an arrow in its brain." K ordered.
"Very well..." She whispered and pulled the bow from her back. She plucked a deadly arrow from the quiver at her side an knocked it into place.
Her fingerless leather gloves creaked as she pulled back the string, narrowed green eyes sighting her target.
There was a sudden twang, a whistling of the air and a loud thunk as the arrowhead glanced off the helm in a shower of sparks. But, the figure remained still.
"Well?" K asked.
"A glancing blow, but no movement..." She reported.
"Again..." K ordered.
Key Wee knocked another arrow and aimed carefully. She released to arrow and this time the projectile punctured the thick armor causing the head to slump forward from the impact. However, there was no movement after.
"Well?" K asked.
"Direct hit! Its head slumped forward from the impact, but no further movement." She reported.
K looked down to Sir Bentley. "Satisfied?"
Bentley nervously nodded.
"Ok, let's get the artifact and get out of here!" K ordered.
Bear began to move forward when two small hands pressed against his chest plate. Growling, he looked down to find Lady Ravenhill blocking his way. She glanced to the Captain.
"Pease... Let me go. As you have seen, the dead cannot harm me. Let me retrieve the artifact!" She pleaded in an even tone.
K nodded. "Let her go." He ordered.

Lady Ravenhill held her sword at the ready and cautiously approached the vault. She could hear every pebble crunch underfoot as she carefully moved forward.
Passing the distorted columns the ancient king looked down at his own lap with the fresh arrow still protruding from his helm.
"The dead cannot harm me..." She whispered to herself. "You cannot kill me..." She hissed drawing closer noticing the jagged runes etched into the massive sword and suddenly found herself unable to move.
"No..." a low echoing voice called. "I cannot harm, or kill you..." The kings head slowly began to rise to reveal burning red eyes. "But, I CAN control you!"
Ravenhill fought the force invading her mind. Her body froze in mid strike, but her eyes could focus no longer and the last thing she head was evil laughter overwhelming her mind.

Ahhhh a new player has invaded the board my pirate brothers and sisters! Who is this evil and what chance does the brave crew of the Dragon Fire have against him?? Join us next #piratesunday to find out!!

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