How to make a bib for the baby.👶

Hello my dear friends, I hope you are super well, happy and happy with this beautiful week that God gives us, let's be grateful for that we have life, we have health, we are free, let's thank our Lord for the family, for our friends.

We continue with the elaboration of the baby basket, little by little I have shown them how to make covers, blankets, embroideries, fabrics and other things; but today I bring them the simplest way to elaborate a buchero or bib, and so you have the pleasant satisfaction of doing it yourself, and proudly say this I did it!

The materials we are going to use are:

  • Cloth of cloth.
  • Etamine Fabric
  • Lace passes tape
  • Satin ribbon
  • Sedalinas of different colors
  • bias (sesgo en español)

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👶 Step by step 👶

The first thing we must do is to cut in cloth the pattern of the buchero, for that I leave them in the image the measures so that they are guided more or less how much it is the size of the one that I made.

On the Internet you can also get many patterns that can help you.

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Next we cut in etamina cloth the proportion that we are going to need for the embroidery.

If you like to embroider only the name you can do it; there is also a fashion at the moment for embroidering the name and a crown of prince or princess as the case may be, but there is also fashion in terms of colors, for example the gray is very fashionable.

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When we have ready the embroidery we place it on the cloth and we place the raisin tape or lace, after we have it well secured with pins, we proceed to pass the straight seam.

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In this part we are going to sew the bias around the buchero, the first thing you should know is that the bias is sewn on the back side of the cloth, passing the straight seam along the entire edge, if you look closely at the image you can see how you should place what is the tie of the beginning and end.


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Now we are going to place the bias on the right side of the job, taking full attention to the tie so that we get the best possible fit. Then we iron and, our manual of the day is ready.

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As always, it is a pleasure to bring you each elaboration, I hope you are getting ideas to make the basket for the baby yourselves.

I'll tell you later and until the next post, you take care of yourselves, bye bye.





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