SteemPeak Review- Bookmarks

I am a big fan of SteemPeak!

Today I am highlighting one of the functions. BOOKMARKS

From my last post you know that I am a collector. Now I am able to use the bookmarks function on Steempeak to highlight the posts I like best for further review and or to label them so they are in a collection together.

First, you are going through your feed either in the regular or grid option and see a stunning landscape of Norway by @photovisions

Second, you stop to take a closer look and wow it is amazing and you want to visit when you go to Norway (It's been a dream for at least 10 years.) You click the bookmark in the top right corner.

Third, this saves it to bookmarks list. Now you can label it (type the word and press enter)

Fourth, you now have the start of collection gorgeous pictures and places you want to visit on your dream trip to Norway!

*My Norway collection consists of pictures from @photovisions, and two of the SteemPeak creators @asgarth and @dmytrokorol who are amazing photographers that I've been admiring and following since I started Steem.

I have decided that the Lofoten Islands are a MUST see. With all the cool places to go in Norway I think that it will be to be a month long trip.

Other bookmarks and labels I have used:

@isshappy and @gringalicious are by far the best contributors to my food bookmarks. So many yummy, wholesome recipes to make.

Yay for Music Monday from @photogames. Using the bookmarks list I went back to past posts and made a playlist. I also added a beautiful song that @derekkind recently posted which was the background during the making of this post.

Then I made a couple of YouTube playlists of music suggestions from my Steem friends from all over the world.

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