and Splinterlands face off! is an up and coming game on the Tron blockchain. Splinterlands is the premiere game on the Steem blockchain. Both teams thought a contest would be fun.

The contest is tomorrow from 7pm PDT to 8PM PDT (10-11 Eastern). For the winners there is a prize pool of 30 Beta Booster packs as well as a large bonus to TPS mined during the contest (TPS is the Traps.One platform token paying daily dividends).

The full detailed rules:

The top 3 TRX-scoring players at the end of the 1hr match will win a portion of the Grand Prize of 30 beta booster packs.

The 3 players with the most dies (mining) during the match will receive 10X their TPS tokens mined while playing.

To check out Traps.One please visit
To check out Splinterlands please visit

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