SteemMonsters - Short Update and a Tip for cheaper Booster Packs


Good evening fellow Steemians,

Since my last post a few things changed.
The gameplay is now released (Open Beta afaik) and it's LOADS of fun. There is already a ranked mode and they are changing the ''event'' every couple of days to keep things interesting!

Furthermore, after buying some more BoosterPacks i got quite a rare card which is worth more than 20$ conclusion i'm already big in profit in SteemMonsters moneywise. But i will keep them, because i need them for my fighting deck and also because I'm expecting prices to rise further.

Cheaper Booster Pack's:

Today i noticed that you are able to buy booster packs for Steem Monsters on Smartsteem.
And we are not only able to buy them, we also get a discount of 5%, i.e. 0.1$ per Pack (if you buy 100 you get the additional +10 packs and 10$ discount!

If you are not registered yet, you should definitely do it NOW and if you want you can use my ref-link:

Have a nice day!