I did something scary. I bought 100 Orbs...So now...cards for sale!!

For some reason I got the scariest of brainwaves yesterday. This was 100% leaded by FOMO and I saw a bold investor move. You see....at the moment you can buy Orbs in the #Steemmonsters game, which are rare and temporary. And every pack will contain at least 1 rare card or better, and the discount is 100 packs for 250.000 DEC with 10 extra packs... I thought...why the fuck not!

sm minotaur warrior.jpg

So with 637 Steem I bought 250K DEC (I am not that big of a player, so this amount of Steem is like a LOT to me!) without looking at market prices, because FOMO and I want it now, and I want it fast......And the Orb opening was on! The 110 packs opening took me more than half an hour, because you have to open them piece by piece, but daaaamn that was fun... Best draw? This gold Minotaur Warlord. Do you want it? For $168 its yours... (you can contact me personally as well, but it is also on the market...a bargain I would say!!


I drew some other gold foils but those ones are not that valuable at all, its just cool to have some gold hoovering in there. But seriously...Buy the Orbs...it's fun!!


So now the question is starting to rise....was this a brilliant investor move, or did I get dooped by myself? Well, since now 10% of the Orbs are sold this is currently a small market, which will potentially contain a lot of collectors items.... But that is not what it was about for me this time...it is about, was this move a good one? And I am not entirely sure as yet if I will get my investment fully back...hmmmmm... I saw some familiar names already popping by. @steamdan already noticed on discord that I had the valuable Gold Foil, @exyle is buying half of my stack, @vaansteam made some good moves, but there is still a lot more to sell


What to say. @aggroed and @yabapmatt did an awesome job on making this market alive, and it is! I heard yesterday the 1.8 million marketcap number and that is crazy cool for a game! To be the Orbs are currently the most fun of it all.

But uhhhh.....I still got the Gold Minotaur Warlord....who want to buy it for this special price...or should I lease it out maybe?? Hmmmmm

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