Play Steem Monsters and win Steem/SBD!

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For many, the world of crypto coins is a matter of making money, everyone is looking for a strategy to "mine" in a profitable and enjoyable way.

Today I invite you to win in a very fun and even addictive way with SteemMonsters

Join SteemMonsters a card game created on the Steem blockchain similar to Magic, Yu Gi Oh, Vampire, among others, where the interesting thing is that not only you play against other players online and in real time, but the cards you accumulate in your deck have real value in crypto currencies and if you play daily you can win many cards that then if you want to sell and earn good money with it.

The value of cards varies depending on their rarity, so who knows... you can receive cards worth more than $300 and even more!

Look at the value of these GOLD cards! The most expensive one costs $490. It's just a matter of luck! You can get a card like this by playing the SteemMonsters DAILY CHALLENGES completely free!

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Besides this in SteemMonsters there are seasons of almost two weeks duration in which you must play and move up in the overall ranking. At the end of the season you will have won a number of cards corresponding to your position.

Last season I got 40 cards! Having reached Diamond League III.

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Depending on the league you can win up to 150 cards!

What are you waiting for? Visit SteemMonsters and join the battle.

If you have any questions, don't forget to leave me your comment. If you like the game and this post do not forget to give me your vote and resteem.

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