Announcing BATTLE Token & The Battle Squad!

Battle Games is excited to introduce BATTLE Token!

We created "BATTLE" to further reward the Steem Monsters players who enjoy Battle Games hosted tournaments.


Name: Battle Token
Symbol: BATTLE
Circulating Supply: 5,000,000
Exchange: Steem Engine DEX
Description: BATTLE is a blockchain gaming utility token.

Tokens can be earned through participating in Battle Games tournaments or acquired through the Steem Engine Decentralized Exchange --> [Steem Engine DEX].

Hodling BATTLE Tokens has its benefits! Details regarding the BATTLE Squad are below. In the future we hope to be able to accept BATTLE tokens as tournament entry fees to unique tournaments with exclusive prizes for our BATTLE token hodlers.


Battle Squad

Hodl 1,000 BATTLE tokens in your Steem Wallet and you’re in!

BATTLE Squad members →

  • Automatically entered into month end draw for great rewards!
  • Bonus Tournament Prizes
  • Exclusive access to Battle Games Card Delegation List.
  • Exclusive access to future tournaments.

Thank you for supporting Battle Games tournaments 💖

Steem Keychain Wallet is a great option for securely accessing your BATTLE Tokens and all other STEEM related tokens. Steem Keychain is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox developed by trusted Steem community leaders and is available as a FREE download here.

See you on the field!

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