My Splinterlands End of Season Rewards - Got 0 Gold, 0 LEG, 3 Epics and 13 Rares!

Yet another splinterlands season has ended and I am up for the new one. The said, season ended over 28 hours ago and with this post, I present end reward of season rewards.

Check how and when I started Life in Splinterlands


I finished last season at Champions III and thus, it is the same achievement as last season. I tried to push for champions II but it was not possible with my poor weapons comparatively. It was not a happy finish point for sure.

Achieving champions III made me eligible to receive a total of 80 reward weapons which are shown below;


Hence, in all I had 0 Gold, 0 Legendary, 3 Epics, 13 Rares and 64 common weapons.

Based on current market prices, all these cards are only worth $4. Pure Badluck tbh.

Thank you for your time!

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From Splinterlands, I wish you a great day!

@akomoajong 01/10/2019