Amazon Gift Cards Coming to SteemLeo Shop!

Hello Steem & Tribes! We are going to be leveraging SteemLeo's new shopping system to launch the ability to buy items on Amazon with your tokens and using STEEM/SBD.

The goal is to better utilize your Steem Backed Dollars/Steem & Tribe tokens - Starting with Leo Tokens. You'll be able to order $10, $15, $25, $35 (higher amounts coming but during beta these are the amounts we'll start with $10) from Amazon and Gyft (to be added shortly) so you can spend in the real-world.

Next, head on over to the SteemLeo shop here. We should have a listing's up there shortly. Listing is now here![Paused- as we fix pricing] Thanks,@khaleelkazi for creating such an awesome idea and look forward to getting this started.

See you there!

Posted via Steemleo

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