Don’t sell even one Steem below 5 USD!

No liquidity

So, Justin Sun used the exchanges and their liquid Steem to try to take over the Steem blockchain by voting in shill witnesses. That we all know, but right now already 6 of the former top 20 witnesses have regained their top spot. This is major good news. This way Justin Sun can not pull through another hard fork to change the power down to 1 - 3 days or other major changes. But, there is more...
No liquid Steem, or very little!


Prop up Steem value

The fact that the Steem of the exchanges is frozen for 13 weeks on Steem accounts, makes very little Steem on exchanges available. But Justin Sun will have to pay back the exchanges. So he needs Steem! So we can only let him pay decent for that! Nobody should be selling right for less than 5 $ per Steem, and I mean that! Spread this word around, this is our chance to prop up the Steem value to where it belongs!

At least 5 USD should be the target

Spread the word, my fellow Steemians!