Triplea Review: The first platform of movie reviews, TV series and much more

Today I present a project born about 3 weeks ago, Triplea Review that you can find [Here] ( Triplea is a platform where you can share reviews of your films, TV series, cartoons, television programs or documentaries and receive a reward based on the quality of your content. The main account is and right now it has over 800k SP delegate to be able to best reward all users who decide to make their contribution. The AAA token is used on the platform as an integrative reward system and is provided by the main accounts @triplea.cur and and by all the users who own them in stakes.


As you can see, on the Triplea Review platform you can choose reviews quickly and easily, being able to choose reviews in Korean, Chinese and English.


Good Reviews

An important rule in order to receive high rewards is to write good reviews. It is therefore advisable to write articulate sentences, in which your sincere judgment (positive or negative) is present, and a good analysis that explains the reason for your judgment. A fairly long review is preferable (there is not a number of words indicated) but it is logical that a review of a complete sentence will produce a very low grade.


  • Upvote from the vote will start from the main account and will be proportional to the quality of the review.
  • Upvote from @triplea.cur and You will receive an additional vote in AAA token from the two main accounts
  • Each review must present its Movie URL which you can search here and your opinion that you can release in this way: Rate: AAA or AA or A in based on your personal judgment



Plagiarism is absolutely forbidden! The penalty is entry into the blacklist and this means being permanently ignored by the account and the @triplea.cur and accounts. The review must be the fruit of one's work.


All reviews are manually edited and viewed by @jayplayco and usually there are about two voting cycles per day, trying not to drop the VP of below at least 80%.
You can delegate your SP to to receive a weekly return in STEEM proportional to your contribution. It's an incredible way to accumulate STEEM passively and allowing others to manage your SP as long as you want.


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