Use your witness votes and get the Community Badge

If you follow the news about Steem, you are undoubtedly informed that this Monday, March 2, Justin Sun executed a hostile takeover on the Steem blockchain by replacing the witnesses elected by the community with sockpuppets accounts that he alone controls.

This operation could only be done with the help of 3 exchanges (Binance, Huobi and Poloniex) who illegally use the assets of their customers.

Although Justin Sun claims to be a staunch defender of decentralization, his action resulted in the Steem blockchain finding itself fully centralized.

We are a community that can't be bought!

While everything seemed lost, given the voting power deployed by Justin Sun to carry out his coup, the Steem community mobilized in an absolutely incredible way:

  • campaign on twitter
  • contact with the media
  • questioning of exchanges

But even more incredible is the support that Steem users have provided to elected witnesses.

They decided to express their disagreement with the policy led by Justin Sun by voting massively for the witnesses and managed in the space of only a few hours to hoist several of their legit representatives in the top 20.

Let’s reward this amazing effort

You have all shown us how the concept of community is not a vain word. Therefore, the SteemitBoard team has mobilized too to create a new badge to express its gratitude to you:

This badge will be awarded to all users who started to vote for witnesses after Justin Sun’s takeover and have used all their 30 votes.

Of course, as we do not support the action performed by Justin Sun and its fake representatives, the badge will not be awarded to those who voted for any of the following sockpuppets accounts: @goodguy24, @toke2049, @nicetry001, @agirl10000, @bostonawesome, @car2001, @aheadofslow, @happylife123, @onestepaday, @night11pm, @hunger365, @jumphigh, @paintingclub, @respect888, @high46, @flyingfly1, @eastooowest, @cloudysun, @coronashallgo, @waitforyou1.

Use your power! Use your witness votes!

You have more power than you think and together we can make a difference.

There is still a lot of work to be done to restore the decentralization of our blockchain. Please voice your opinion and go vote for witnesses!.

Steem on!

SteemitBoard is also a witness.
If you still have one free vote and want to support our project, vote for our witness!

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