SteemitBoard shut down by Justin Sun


Thank you Justin Sun for removing your delegation to SteemitBoard!

As you may know, @misterdelegation aka Steemit inc removed its delegation to several Steem projects. SteemitBoard was one of them.

Why did Steemitboard have a delegation

A bit more than a year ago, the hardfork 20 introduced Resource Credits. While this was a big improvement in the blockchain, SteemitBoard found itself unable to send its notifications overnight due to a lack of RC. You can read more about this in this post

Long story made short, after several contacts with Ned, Steemit Inc. came to the rescue and delegated 30,000 SP to SteemitBoard. We didn't ask for more because it was enough to be able to work again and it even brought a little bonus to all users since the many upvotes made by SteemitBoard also had more weight.

This is the end

Without this delegation, which we believe was not exaggerated and which was used only for the benefit of the community, SteemitBoard can no longer work. It did not take a day for our own RC to be exhausted.

Our services have therefore been definitively stopped and you will no longer receive notifications and badges from SteemitBoard.

We will bring joy and fun to a more welcoming place!

A last thing

@justinsunsteemit, we made our very last badge for you. You really deserve it!

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