SteemitBoard - Witness introduction

SteemitBoard is pleased to present you its witness introduction

The main goal of SteemitBoard is to entertain you and gamify the Steemit experience.

You may wonder: “Why should I vote for @steemitboard as a witness?”

A win-win cooperation

Here is the deal:

Did you noticed that the official SteemitBoard account, @steemitboard, upvotes your post each time it sends you a notification?

Its upvote strength was at first 10% for everyone but has to be reduced to 5%. Indeed, the recent surge in the number of new active users has completely depleted @steemitboard voting power. The goal is to maintain a high voting power between 80% and 100% to be able to give you the best upvote.

@steemitboard also need more posting bandwidth to support the increasing number of notification it sends to users every day.

By voting for @steemitboard as a witness, you allocate a small part of the witness reward to @steemitboard, giving it more voting power and more posting bandwidth each day.

If you are an active user, you will get sooner or later some notifications from @steemitboard about your progress on Steemit. And this notification will come with a vote for your last post and therefore an increase of your rewards.

The more you empower @steemitboard, the more you will get in return.

As you can see, it is a win-win situation.

A stimulation engine for beginners

Beginners receive more notifications than Steemit’s veterans. This is because the level of achievement required to get a new award is lower at the beginning. Step by step, it becomes a little more difficult to reach the next level and time between notifications should increase.

This has been set up to incentive newcomers and to avoid spamming regular authors with non-stop notifications.

It also means that if you fully support @steemitboard by voting for its notifications with as much power as you can, and by voting for it as a witness, you will contribute to a system that distribute the power you give more often to newcomers than established authors.

You are guaranteed that your contribution will not be distributed blindly.

Indeed, SteemitBoard is a project that not only rewards active users, but also rewards those who are acknowledged by their peers, thanks to “Top …” awards and the “daily ...”, “weekly ...” and “Monthly …” awards family.

The more you empower @steemitboard, the more you help active beginners to grow faster.

Some technical informations

SteemitBoard already runs a database server and a web server.
It now has a witness node and a seed node ( )

All these servers are running on a high-end 24x7 infrastructure in a datacenter.

@steemitboard is already publishing a STEEM/SDB feed price on a regular basis.

The more you empower @steemitboard, the less it will sleep

Support the project SteemitBoard

It will be a win-win-win relation where everyone helps each other (hence the logo used for this post).

When you support SteemitBoard, you will also support all active users, from beginners to veterans, and they all will be more powerful to support you.

Turn words into action :

  1. Upvote the notifications you receive!
  2. Vote for @steemitboard as a witness here!

Thanks for your attention.

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