Make Sure You Use Your 10 Votes A Day

Hey people of steem,

If you are newer to steem or didn't look it up you might not fully know how the voting power works. Everyone has 100% and you use 2% every time you vote at 100%. But it charges 2% every 2.4 hours. So in theory if you spread out your votes every 2.4 hours you can always vote with 100%. That is why the voting bots are spaced out as they are. Now you are probably not going to sit by the computer and post every 2.4 hours but if you use your ten votes in a day it will get back to a 100% for the 24 hour period.

Now if you don't care about math then just vote as you want. Really it will come back if you take 5 days off so there is no worry that you will lose it when you want it in the future. But if you are only voting so many times a day you are, in a way, wasting that voting power you have. I recommend spending it on someone you like, like that whatageek guy is pretty awesome :p.

You can also vote at smaller percentages if you want to preserve it too.

But use it up.


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