Why it makes sense to write articles on Steemit first

Longer texts, posts with embedded pictures or videos I write basically first on Steemit.com and then embed them where I hope to find my readers, so here on Twitter, on Facebook or on WhatsApp, discord, Line and what they are all called.

Why am I doing this?

  • Steemit is a platform where posts are stored in a blockchain, so they are difficult to delete. This has advantages and disadvantages.
    The advantage is that they are difficult to delete and the disadvantage is that they are difficult to delete.
    If you post there, you should always keep that in mind regarding law and order. But you can be relatively sure that your mail will not fall victim to Meussless Censors.

  • Steemit is also a social platform
    You will find people there just as elsewhere with whom you can exchange ideas.

  • Depending on the popularity of your post you will be more or less paid in the form of STEEM and Steemdollar, both are Crypto currencies that can be exchanged for Bitcoin and then for conventional money.
    I've seen posts worth several thousand dollars.
    (But don't kid yourself, it's a long way until there, Harry Potter was written even once.)

Go to https://steemit.com and follow the instructions. it's free!

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