C911 Civilian First Responders - When 911 Goes Down or Goes Rogue


Instructions for Email

  1. To request help Email C911@pm.me
  2. Enter the subject "HELP"
  3. If you want to securely explain your problem send the email from a http://protonmail.com account (most secure method) or from any other email with only the subject HELP and wait for the reply email from C911 Dispatch at C911@protonmail.com and then reply to that email from the secure Reply link you will receive from them.
  4. Otherwise you can explain your problem in your original email if you are not worried about Gmail or the NSA reading your message.

Instructions for Zello (Voice Walkie Talkie App)

  1. Download the Zello app at http://zello.com/app
  2. Connect to C911 channel at http://zello.com/c911
  3. Press the Zello talk button and request help.

Instructions for Mobile Phone or SMS

  1. CALL or SMS +1-213-770-8880 (Least Secure)
  2. Signal App +1-213-770-8880 (Most Secure)
  3. Whatsapp +1-202-798-2179 (Secure)

C911 is a non-government organization

Operating since 2015 as good samaritans - volunteer US citizens and US veterans helping 1000s of other citizens in crisis situations like natural disasters and civil rights violations.

How to Help Promote American Freedom 2020

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This is a 1st Amendment exercise of civilian power to check tyrannical and treasonous rogue legislation and rogue enforcement of unconstitutional laws by tyrants!

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