A "Game of Thrones" Coin?


If you haven't heard Ned's talk about upcoming Steem technologies and improvements, I encourage you to check it out.

Of particular interest is the announcement of the (potential) ability to create custom tokens that rest on top of the steem platform.

Using this feature, anyone will be able to create their own coin and will be able to have their own Steemit platform as a way to distribute it.

If this happens it will bring about the revolution in cryptocurrency we have all been waiting for.

Up until now cryptocurrency has been spread largely by word of mouth.

This has obviously worked fine in terms of getting the ball rolling, proving the concept, and getting people interested in the potential of cryptocurrency.

But most people are resistant to change, especially when there is a good deal of learning requred in order to understand and adapt the new technology.

A custom token will change all of this!


Because a custom token turns every B2C business into a crypto currency dealer/pusher, and because it makes aquiring crypto currency as easy as signing up for a website forum and being social with other people that share common interests.

And who can't do that?


Game of Thrones: The Coin

The Game of Thrones website launches a new forum, you sign up for it, and after a few hours of having fun with everyone on the site you see a notification that tells you you've earned Game of Thrones tokens that you can use to buy GOT products, or even trade in for real money!

In addition to that the GOT admins tell you the members with the most coins will get special privileges, status, and special access to events where they might get to meet the cast of the show, and more! Just think of the prizes that could be built into their adaptation of their Steemit community!

People will WANT these coins. They will collect them and trade them. They will BUY them. And most importantly, they'll need to turn them into STEEM to buy and sell them, and as a result, millions of new users will hold Steem coins.

Who knows? Maybe your SteemPower bonuses will give you increased rewards on all of the other coins you hold (+1%?), as a way to motivate more Steem ownership.

And what about a Walking Dead coin? A South Park coin? A coin for every football team, baseball team, basketball team? The list goes on and on...

Bitcoin could never accomplish this kind of reach because it's process of distributing coins required mining, which required technical knowledge which requires interest, and let's face it, there are more uninterested (and uninteresting) people in the world than not.

But now that Steemit has replaced the Bitcoin mining process with a social mining process, the masses will finally be able to embrace and adopt the coin.

My fellow Steemians...

A tidal wave of interest and adaptation is peering over the horizon.

Get ready to surf! :D

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